A redesign of the Melbourne based art journal Discipline. Created as part of a week long design workshop with Žiga Testen and Brad Haylock at Monash University, concluding with a presentation of final proposals at Motto Melbourne alongside fellow participants Justin Paul Bedford, Amelia Chieng, Ziyi Huang, Tristan Main, Danica Miller, George Munn, James Oates, Sonja Petrovic and Celine Tan.

The design engages with the notion of discipline through layout and format—breaking content into a methodical structure which demands the viewer to interact differently than they normally would with a publication design.

February 2013
publication, experimental
Discipline art journal
Discipline 1
Discipline 2
Discipline 3
Discipline 4
Discipline 5

Žiga Testen with the prototype. Image: Discipline

Discipline 6

Explaining the method to the madness of the original prototype. Image: Discipline