Created in response to the 2013 International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) Sound Bites brief. Lingual Divide is designed to be a publicly accessible outdoor sculptural installation. Typography primarily serves as a point of discourse on the various verbal manifestations of the English language and as an impetus for sculptural form evocative of topography.

Typography and tactile physical form come together to give a more meaningful and educated perspective on what a dialect is and how they come to be. It treats the material the brief asks to work with, the audio recorded for BBC Voices and the Survey of English Dialects, in a respectful manner—a manner which doesn’t pick a typeface for an accent, therefore assuming a personal view biased towards one’s own relationship to the English language. Rather, this response presents a typeface, set in a way to investigate what hearing these voices means—looking at us versus them from one side of a geographic divide to the other.

November 2013
typography, sculpture
ISTD lingual divide
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