Created for the AGDA Australian Poster Biennale 2013.
This piece investigates how the loss of a mother can have ramifications as generations go on. Our mothers nurture us and the loss of this nurture has a lifelong impact; not only is there loss during youth but also in adulthood when it comes to raise one’s own children. The tools that we have passed down to us that most of us take for granted are just not there for those unfortunate enough to lose a mother.

Through simple shape, colour and gesture, this piece establishes a chart with lost mother on top and descendants below and the effects this loss has on them. As the generations move on the gestures become rougher, they fade away, and the aftermath of losing a single precious life becomes apparent. What’s left up to the viewer’s imagination is: where and does the chart end beyond the confines of the poster?

April 2013
AGDA Australian Poster Biennale 2013 finalists
Perpetual loss